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Bypass Choker Set

$35.00 each

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This accessory is designed first to bring the cycle back into the press for use mainly on the non parallel limb bow styles which typically do not need to be pressed at the limb tips/axel. How does it accomplish that? By not pressing from the tips of the Bypass Accessory fingers themselves it allows the Power Bar to pull from a much higher leverage point whereby bringing the cycle back in to not just press the bow but to open it up to enough to remove the limbs. Limb safety is not put in jeopardy because it is only pressing the limbs a fraction of what they are drawn from static. Many crossbows fall into this category as well but the thing to remember is that it will also work on "any bow that the Bypass Fingers are not needed for bypassing the cam" to press it. To use it all you do is slide the outside Adjustable Finger off and slide the Bypass Choker on in its place and it takes just a couple seconds in the transition.