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I'm sure you are aware that there are presses out there that are less expensive than ours, yet at the same time there are many that cost much more. The biggest issue we face is with the rising cost of raw material.  We are doing everything we can to keep this press as affordable as possible. Once you use the Bow-A-Constrictor bow press you will realize firsthand its true value and enjoy the safety that it provides by the heavy gauge steel in its proprietary overall design.    

The Bow-A-Constrictor is patent pending, and it is a very solid press that can handle anything you throw at it. When we started out, we gave some presses to select individuals to test them, and even "destroy" them if they could. Well they tested, and as it turned out it destroyed their opinions of the presses they had previously and each kept the Bow-A-Constrictor and got rid of the model they had prior to their test.