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The Bow-A-Constrictor Bow Press includes the following features:

  1. Isolation of the limbs from the riser. Point load geometry allows for easy application of torque to collapse limbs of any strength without the use of bulky hydraulics or trailer jack presses with gigantic cranks.   
  2. True center pivot on the torque rods: never moves once contacted on the limbs, and moves the limbs only a fraction of what they move at full draw.
  3. Space saving and compact: Going somewhere? It will slide behind a seat and go anywhere you go and at a moment’s notice or it will fit in just about any hard back bow case and even some soft cases. It’s like having a BOW-A-CONSTRICTOR in a night crawler container.
  4. Lifetime warranty on parts and accessories from failure.
  5. TIME SAVER, adjusts very fast and efficiently for doing bow maintenance. Great for pro shop’s. And you never need to take sights or stabilizers off to work on your bow. 
  6. Optional accessories available: Two styles of bench mounts,(one for a permanent application and one as a removable style so you can use your bench for multiple tasks) an adjustable floor stand that’s modular for transporting, a work shelf for the ends, a tool caddy, a full length work under tray, a magnetic parts holder, an adjustable extended limb fork attachment-just for PSE’s X-Force™ and their super short limb styles, plus Bowtech™ center pivot bows which put’s the point loads where they need to be, at the axle point.  
  7. Custom parts available upon request.
  8. Works on “every” compound bow and crossbow made today. Yes including PSE’s X-Force™ and short limb bows, the center pivot Bowtech's™ and virtually all parallel limb bows as well as all long axle to axle bows old and new.  
  9. Gives you peace of mind from being dependent on pro shops. Ever feel like you’re shooting well but your arrows are not consistently hitting the spot at varied distances? Know your bow and learn how to tune it if you haven’t already. You’ll be glad you did.  
  10. Affordable, strong, highly effective and MADE IN THE USA.  What more could you ask for – an attachment for using a small battery drill in place of the crank?  Got that too. But it is not necessary. The stock crank works so fast and efficient that you don’t need an outside source of energy to collapse a bow. And the best for last: it’s safe, not just for you- but your bow as well.