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Buckeye Archery Solutions, LLC

Home of the World's Safest and Most Versatile Bow Press

Welcome from the owner and President of Buckeye Archery Solutions Inc.:

Hello and thank you for taking the time to find our site. My name is Frank Schneider and I am the designer and builder of the Bow-A-Constrictor Bow Press. I designed this press to be the safest and most versatile bow press available. Safety was the number one priority when designing this press, and not just for the tech using the press, but also for the bow. The goal of versatility meant a wide range of objectives because It had to be able to work on every bow and crossbow and had to still be able to fold up and pack to a tournament or go on a hunting trip and not take up a lot of space but still be able to perform it's craft. I thank God that a lot of men and women out there are starting to catch on to my solution. As you will see, this press will tear down any bow out there with ease. I hear from a lot of my customers that they are doing what I often did when I was designing and prototyping the press - that is, they are looking for reasons to throw their bow into it and tweak it just because it’s easy to do.


HOW IT GOT ITS NAME: Like the snake that it takes most of its name, "it constricts under perfect control". If you're like myself and don't really like snakes that's ok, I think you will enjoy working with this one. And it won't bite.

I hope you will take some time to peruse the site and get to know how this tool works. If you are wondering if your style of bow can be pressed with theBow-A-Constrictor, rest assured that it will be able to press it without issue. We have yet to find a bow on the planet that this press can't press and disassemble. As the site grows we intend to post up more videos and photos to demonstrate how the press works. We truly believe this to be the ultimate archery maintenance tool. For this reason theBow-A-Constrictor is a hot item for any super tuner or dealer. It is a true time saver in the shop.

This site is a showcase for theBow-A-Constrictor Bow Press and it is also the place to purchase it and / or any of the accessories that go with it. Please keep in mind that all accessories are modular and can be easily added at anytime.

Enjoy your stay and let us know how we might further assist you. This press will help make your bow tuning and maintenance a lot easier. We guarantee it.


Frank Schneider
President and Owner of Buckeye Archery Solutions Inc.