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*MOUNTING METHODS EXPLAINED AND SAFETY* Safety Note: “I do not recommend using the QUICK DRAW & TUNE ACCESSORY with the PORTABLE MOUNT because it is too top heavy and easy to topple over to the side edge or even the front surface edges of the top that it rests on”.

The PERMANENT BENCH MOUNT (45.00) is simply that. A permanent mounting system for a bench top. If you don’t plan on the press ever needing to go anywhere then this is a very solid mount and can still work with all of the accessories that work with the press itself. As for the rest of the mounting systems the thing you have to understand is that both the PORTABLE MOUNT and the ADJUSTABLE BENCH MOUNT use the same GOOSE NECKS that connect them to the press. Just for the sake of knowing - the FLOOR STAND does also but I will cover that toward the end.

Now if you want to have both the ADJUSTABLE BENCH MOUNT (60.00) and the PORTABLE MOUNT (60.00) they are both the same price and use the same Goose Necks to connect it to the press so all you have to do is buy either mount and then buy what you would be missing from the other mount - which is either the FLOOR TEE SET (25.00) or the ADJUSTABLE BENCH MOUNT BRACKETS (25.00) to complete the other mounting system. This is all by design and it makes it really nice to have the press available to go places with you and not have to buy a lot of unnecessary parts. You will find that versatility is also built into the mounting systems.

Now - back to the FLOOR STAND. To be sure you understand that completely, as I said the FLOOR STAND uses the same GOOSE NECKS that connect it to the press. Understand that the FLOOR STAND is essentially two mounts in one. Besides being the FLOOR STAND it is also the PORTABLE MOUNT because remember that the PORTABLE MOUNT is really the FLOOR TEE'S and the GOOSE NECKS from the FLOOR STAND. Again - by design, being modular you can often do more with less which means it’s a lot more efficient.

To avoid more confusion, if someone would want all three capabilities, FLOOR STAND, ADJUSTABLE BENCH MOUNT AND PORTABLE MOUNT (and there are those that have) you would then buy the FLOOR STAND and buy a set of the only part you would be missing and that would be the ADJUSTABLE BENCH MOUNT "BRACKETS" (25.00).