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Quick Draw and Tune

$235.00 each

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Quick Draw & Tune Accessory for the Bow-A-Constrictor Bow Press is an on board drawing board.  It is a real time saver to say the least!  It will very safely and effectively allow you to take the bow to full draw while it’s loaded and already compressed.  You can stop at any point in the draw cycle with its semi automatic lock down device.  If you have a two cam, binary or cam and a half bow you will love it for timing, setting peeps, fall away rests and much more. Once you use it you’ll be lost without it.

Imagine this if you would: you load your bow in the press and compress it. Then center up the Quick Draw & Tune’s small hook on your knocking point, hook it up and take it to partial or full draw.It has a semi-automatic lock down circuit that enables you to stop at any point in the draw cycle you want.Determine that you need to twist a cable or string? Great, draw it back down – and guess what?  You're already compressed!  So twist the cable you want to twist and take it to full draw again to check that what you did was sufficient. Not enough? Do it again, and yet again. All this takes just moments and you just saved yourself a ton of time vs. on and off a typical drawing board and back reloading and pressing it several times.