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The Bow A Constrictor Bow Press

$565.00 each

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The Bow-A-Constrictor Bow Press (press only). We can almost guarantee that when you get your hands on this press you to will like it - a lot! It has a lot of great qualities that exceed that of many others on the market today - with the added bonus that you can take it with you on a hunt or tournament in a bow case!  Plus, there are no cables or straps that have you praying that they don’t fail. Also there are no hydraulics, boat winches or trailer tongue jacks to add bulky weight that many other designs use to apply the torque needed to press a bow.  With the Bow-A-Constrictor, it takes next to zero strength to press any bow.  I actually have footage of my niece's four year old daughter compressing my 70# Hoyt 38 Ultra.